Mrs Andrews – SW11

Thank you St James Investments. You were the friendliest yet most professional of the lot. I wanted to sell my house quick and you helped me do just that.

Mr and Mrs Camberton - W4

I had heard about companies like yours, and didn’t know what to expect. I’m now glad I did. The buyer on our house had just pulled out , if you hadn’t stepped in , I wouldn’t have been able to buy the house I wanted – thank you Simon for such a professional service and thank you St James investments for buying my house quick

Mrs Wellers – HA3

Sell my house fast – that’s exactly what I did with St James Investments Excellent service

Mrs Khan - RM12

I was fed up with estate agents and their endless viewings. So I decided to contact St James investments. They provided a hassle free service and were always happy to answer any questions or queries that I had Thank you very much

Mr Craig - SL1

Thank you for all your help – I didn’t think it was possible to sell my house so quick Aaron you were great – Thanks

Mr & Mrs Rodriguez - N1

IWe were days away from being repossessed and approached several different companies. St James Investments not only provided us with the best price but also the best service

Ms Jenkins - B15

Stress free and a very professional service, thanks for buying my property so fast

Mr Kenny - Nelson, New Zealand

I had recently inherited my aunts flat and didn’t know what to do with it or how to sell it, as it needed extensive building work. Another problem was that I wanted to sell my property fast. This was made particularly difficult considering that I lived in New Zealand. After searching the internet, I decided to contact St James Investments. They were extremely helpful and didn’t put any pressure on me to accept their offer, unlike a few other companies

Thanks for everything

Mr B CR0

Not as quick as I would have liked but efficient. Cheers for my house sale.

Mrs Humphreys br2

Was hesitant about using these quick house sale companies but I suppose time is money! Everything worked out dandy in the end!

Mrs Daniels SW2

My husband and I were looking to sell our property for cash. We had a local estate agent come by who valued the property at £210,000. We told him our circumstances and we did specify we wanted a quick sale. He assured us he had a few wealthy investors that would buy the property cash for a reduction in the sale price. They negotiated down to £185,000 which was fine. We were horrified when the surveyor came round a week later, who stated they were instructed by a mortgage company! I thought to myself cheeky b****rd. We then approached St. James Investments even though the cash offer we got from them was a bit low, they did state they had vetted clients who would perform by way of a cash purchase and this is how we finally got our cash property sale. Thank you for your help St James’ hope you got the flowers!

Mr S EC2

This is the company for a quick property sale! Cheers Neil.

Mr Davidson N4

Needed a sale on my flat quick -Aran came and viewed it. The cash offer was low so I turned it down. I approached other quick property sale companies but their offers were even lower. Called up Aran again and the sale went through smoothly in 3 weeks. Thanks Mate sorry if I did your head in at any time!

Miss Cole

I finally found my dream home and put an offer on it. On my property I had two people keen on it, they both dropped out at the last minute. I did not want to lose the property so I exchanged on it so they would not sell to anyone else. I reduced the sale price on my property so I could achieve a quick sale. I got loads of sale enquires but I was not confident enough with dealing with the purchasers due to the time constraint. I then saw the ad quick house sale and went with St James Investments. Their cash property purchase saved me from losing my deposit and even worse my dream home.